13th-17th March

Date: 20th Mar 2017 @ 11:26pm

Hello Everyone!


Last week our school took part in the British Science Week!

All the classes were involved in interesting and fun assemblies. Children had a chance to experience science through the participation in some exciting experiments and we all had a wonderful time.


What happened in English?

We have been reading Follow the Swallow and we were trying to predict what the characters might say to each other. In our writing we were working on the use of exclamation marks, question marks, and the correct spelling.

What happened in Mathematics?

We have been learning about the halves and quarters of shapes and quantities.

What happened in Science?

Our topics: plants, weather.

Last week we talked about the key things that plants need to grow, why do we need plants, and what do they give to us. We planted our sunflower seeds and now we will observe as they grow and write about them in our sunflower diaries. We were also learning about the dangerous weather. (tornadoes and lightning)

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