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Mrs Mehmood

Mrs Mehmood

My name is Mrs Mehmood. I am the current Nursery teacher at Cottons Farm Primary. I enjoy arts and crafts and reading books in my spare time. As well as teaching, I enjoy learning for myself- I am fluent in two languages and I am currently learning a third.

This week the children are listening to the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children will again becoming green fingered and will plant their own beans. This will be the children’s sole responsibility to look after their own plant and will take pictures using IPads to observe how they are growing. I will keep you posted on how our little beans develop.


Communication and language

The children have been busy acting out the story using props, looking at the Beans that we have planted in the Conservatory to see if any have grown and using pictures from the story the children acted out using props.



This week the children will continue to work on learning to count to 10. They will do this through practical activities such as: using playdough to make 10 sausages, 10 balls and the number 10. They have also worked on counting out 10 teddy bears and counting out 10 objects of their choosing.


Creative and role play

The children have also been very creative creating their own Giant’s castle, planting a pattern with different beans, painting characters from the story and making their own garden by painting Tulips with forks.



The children have enjoyed making a castle out of wooden blocks, making pictures using natural material such as flower petals, sticks. Beans and lentils and also going on a bean treasure hunt.


Forest School

At Forest School the children have enjoyed laying a trail and hiding a puppet for one group of children to find. They were also given a paper bag and a list of things to find. They had to find: a feather, a star-shaped leaf, a daisy, something stripy, a small stick and a stone.


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