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Ms Mitchell

Ms Mitchell

Brilliant Bears Magnificent Adventure

As part of our geography and history topic – Derby- Brilliant Bears embarked on a magnificent adventure to try and discover the mystery of Markeaton Brook.

They started the adventure in Derby town centre where they were surrounded by the local wildlife (swans, Canadian geese, mallard ducks and coots). By 10am the children were already starving and wondering when they could have their lunch. The route of the Brook disappeared under the city so on their journey, the discovered some magnificent buildings from different times in history. Pickford House (built during Georgian times), Friar Gate Bridge – which was built during the Victorian times and then a surprise visit into Derby Gaol.

In Derby Gaol the children, spent time in the dark gloomy cells where they were accompanied by some bony inhabitants, and then found out about the delightful stocks, guillotine and hangman’s scaffold.

The journey along the brook past waterfalls, meanders across bridges (after it came back to the surface) took them to the beautiful Markeaton Lake. They all insisted that they were exhausted after the 20 mile hike (2 miles). However when they discovered the playground the energy soon bounced back. Having discovered an abundance of information about rivers, lakes and historical buildings one child exclaimed, “It was the best day of my life.”

Thanks to Mrs Rafferty, Mrs Bambridge and Chris Mitchell for volunteering to come. Without your support we couldn’t go on adventures like this.

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