Children's Health


Please inform School/ Nursery if your child is away from through illness so that absences can be recorded properly.


As a general principle we do not administer medication at school/nursery. However if medication is required e.g. Epi pens or inhalers appropriate forms must be completed.

Sickness/ Diarrhoea

Please note that your child must not return to nursery until 48 hours after their last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

Head Lice(Nits)

Head lice (sometimes called nits) are a normal part of childhood - surveys among primary school children have found that nearly 1 in 10 have head lice at any one time.

We recommend that parents check their child(ren) regularly and inform school if head lice (nits) are found. Remember once a week – take a peek.

Further Concerns

If you require advice about your child’s illness and whether it is appropriate to be at nursery or school, please contact your GP.

You can also contact NHS Direct on 111

or access the NHS Choices Website by following this link NHS CHOICES

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