We have recently carried out some research on the impact of homework on children’s learning. We have found that completing homework in its current format is not supporting children’s learning and actually creating a large workload for teachers. 

After some discussion, we have decided to ask children to complete a half termly project, supported by parents or other willing family members. This will allow you to engage with your children’s learning and for your children to learn with and from you. We have already had some classes who have trialled this, with some very pleasing results.  

Children will also be expected to read on a regular basis at home and carry out spelling activities. In addition you will receive information on maths objectives, which you can work on with your children at home.  

All this information will be included in a homework book, which your child will bring home. We ask that these are kept safe. The information will be updated by the teacher, each half term.  

Homework will not be marked but children will be given feedback on their projects. We would encourage you also to give feedback in the comments section of the homework sheet in the book.  

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing your comments over the next few months.

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