The School Council @ Ash Croft


What is School Council?

The school Council is a group of children who meet with Mr Carter  to discuss issues and ideas affecting the daily life of the school.

Why have a School Council?

Having an effective School Council, which involves the whole school, can be very beneficial to the whole community and also individuals.

There is improved communications between pupils and teachers, senior management and governors.

The school develops into a caring community where pupils, teachers and parents/carers work in partnership towards shared goals.

Being in the School Council provides a basis for active learning of important life skills, such as:

  • speaking and listening skills
  • teamwork
  • problem-solving
  • moral reasoning skills
  • self-esteem
  • self confidence.

What does the School Council do?

It meets once every three or four weeks to discuss matters such as the school environment,  the playground, the books and resources we use in the school, school events, fund-raising for ourselves and charities and much more.

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